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2018 Camping Information

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Welcome to the annual Columbia County Fair and Rodeo. We hope you enjoy your stay. Just a few reminders for campers:

This is dry camping, no full hookups available at this time.

1) Gates are closed one hour after the fair closes at night and will open at 5 am each morning.

2) The camping superintendent (located next to the exit gate) and security will be available to help in the event of emergencies.

3) You must have a Camping Vehicle Pass in your car and visible at all times in order to be in the camp grounds. Vehicles without a Camping Vehicle Pass will be towed.

*Do not park in an area that is blocking another camp spot or a roadway.

4) Respect your neighbors who may need to be up early or have been up late.

*Quiet time is between 10 pm and 7am.

5) Camping is fenced off from the rest of the fairgrounds this year. There is an entrance on the east side of the 4H building next to Woody’s office. Starting at 5am on Wednesday morning you will be required to show a pass to enter the grounds. There will be no exceptions. The admission gate will be open at 5am for you to purchase a ticket if you have not already done so.

*If you are in 4H you will need to pick up your passes prior to Wednesday morning. Unless you have a wrist band you will need to get your hand stamped at your first entrance of the day so you will be allowed to come and go all day without paying again (this goes for season pass holders and leaders as well).

*Do not expect the gate attendant to remember you. Be respectful of the system and show your pass or stamp each time you enter the grounds.

6.) We have some great events this year. Be sure to pick up a program so you don’t miss out on the non-stop action.

If you have questions about camping please contact the fair office at 503-397-4231 or stop by the superintendent's campsite by the entrance to the camping area.

Thank you
Columbia Co. Campgrounds Superintendent

2018 Camping Reservation Form and Rules

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