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Wild Cow Milking

2019 Columbia County Wild Cow Milking

The Wild Cow Milking will be during or near half time at the Columbia County Rodeo.
Entry Fees are $150.00 (CASH ONLY), per team, per night. Return entry forms & fees and pick up your contestant pass, at the Columbia County Fair Office. Each team member will only receive one contestant pass for gate entry. Teams consist of 3 members, (Must be 18yrs or older) entries limited to 6 teams per night and participation is on a first come first serve basis. Jackpot prizes will be awarded, less a $50 office fee per entry.
Teams check in at announcers booth at the rodeo arena prior to the event
Each member of the team needs to fill out an entry form.
Please turn in your teams entry forms and fees at one time to the Fair Office.

Entry Forms

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