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Auction Committee

2020 Announcement!

To All Previous Supporters at the CCFF Youth Livestock Auction:

Due to the cancellation of the Columbia County Fair and the current situation with COVID-19 it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to cancel the Columbia County Friends of Fair Youth Livestock Auction this year.

As many of you know, the participants of the auction have already purchased and been caring for their animals for several months. These are hardworking and dedicated youth in our community. Many of them use the money they raise each year to add to a college fund, purchase their first car, pay for trips to educational or sporting events, and purchase their animals the following year.

But we at the Auction Committee know that it’s more than just money for these participants. The Fair and Auction are some of the most looked forward to times in these kids’ lives. These are the events that they get up early every morning to feed their animals before school, and stay up late cleaning pens and practicing showmanship skills for. The fair is the time that they get to connect with their peers, some they only see once a year. It’s a time they get to feel a bigger sense of community than just their school or town. So please help us to show them that their community is here for them and that we will not let their hard work go to waste.

We know that the current COVID-19 situation has made a significant economic impact on businesses and individuals this year. If you are not able to purchase an animal, please consider Option 2.

Option 1: Purchase an animal directly from a participant. (See Registered Seller Info Below)

Option 2: Donate money directly to a participant, or make a group donation that will be divided evenly between all the participants. (See Add-on Form below)


CCFF Youth Livestock Auction Committee

Daniel Hannah, President

Julie Scism, Secretary

Wendy Cook, Treasurer

Auction Committee

Daniel Hannah - Chairman
cell: 503-679-9879

Julie Scism-Secretary
cell: 360-431-3938

Wendy Cook-Treasurer
cell: 360-430-8060

Announcement Part 2

Buying Animals

Sales are to be negotiated between the buyer and the seller. Available animals can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HxIcpYxVtA&t=7s. Seller contact info below.

Buyers will be able to run money through the auction committee using the Purchasing Form with the regular 4% taken out.

If you do not want to run money through the auction committee you can send it directly to the seller.

All sales can be made between now and July 5th.

This will happen by the buyer filling out the Purchasing Form and mailing in that form and payment. **Payment must be mailed with the form, we are not invoicing anyone**

This makes all sales tax deductible.

The below prices are provided to you so you can use them as a guide for purchasing. We understand prices vary from year to year.


Average 2019 Auction Prices











Rabbit (pen of 3)


Chicken (pen of 3)


Processing Animals

Matt from Matt’s Custom Meats has offered to hold a group slaughter event. This even will take place on July 18th and 19th. This is a two-day event where the animal purchased can be brought to the Columbia County Fairgrounds by either the buyer or seller.

To be processed at this event you must mark on your Purchasing Form that the animal will be there.

Animals will be tagged by the committee as they show up to keep track of them.

Extra animals may be brought to this even to be processed as long as there has been a Processing Form submitted for them.

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