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Wildlife Wendy

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Wendy Horton and her Tropical Birds have been entertaining people of all ages since 1995.

An Ohio native, Wendy once aspired to be a television personality and was a small market news anchor at the age of 20! In 1990, Wendy got bit by the animal bug and moved to Southern California to study Exotic Animal Training and Management at Moorpark College. Upon graduation, Wendy was preforming in animal shows at theme parks across the country including California's Six Flags Magic Mountain, Ohio's Cedar Point, and New England's Riverside park. In addition to preforming, Wendy has trained her birds an other animals for the film and television industry.

After working with all kinds of animals, Wendy could not deny her passion for parrots and decided to produce her own show. Wendy's goal was to not only entertain, but to create an awareness about the endangered Rainforest and what it's like living with birds at home. The birds enjoy performing! parrots are highly intelligent, social animals and welcome the opportunity to problem solve. Performing in shows provides these birds with an excellent source of physical and mental stimulation.

Wendy Horton and her Tropical Birds have performed for State & County fairs, school programs, and on television shows such as The Tonight's Show, The KTLA Morning News and Donny & Marie!

The Reflector

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Fresh off his tour with Vanilla Ice, The Reflector is a unique living statue/walkabout act with over 6,000 mirrors attached to his suit turning him into a sort of human mirror ball. He is the epitome of unique strolling entertainment that will captivate onlookers without being too obtrusive. He will interact with guests and dance to music and appeals to both adults and children of all ages.

A truly unique strolling attraction.

Teva Oriata Polynesian Dance Troupe

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Teva Oriata Polynesian Dance Troupe joins us once again at the fair bringing the authentic sounds, costumes, dances, and culture of Polynesia to us. Take a trip to Tahiti, Hawaii, Sāmoa, and New Zealand as they share stories of life and love on the islands through dance.

The Huckle Buck Highway

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Huckle Buck Highway--that road back to our roots: Country and Classic Rock, where country meets cool. With years of performing experience, all of the members having begun their musical journeys between the ages of eight and 12, this band is exploding with talent. They are professional musicians who are incredibly versatile, very entertaining, and will keep a crowd on the dance floor with country and rock’s most popular covers! ‘ That was a great show, you played a set list of champions, everyone enjoyed your picks, and as always your vocals sounded amazing!’ said the owner of the Half Penny, Monty Miller. Hailing from all around the Willamette valley, with their hot licks, full and tight harmonies, fantastic song selections, and the ability to read a crowd's preference and change the set list on the fly has caused this band to become a new local favorite for events far and wide! Diana Gorsch, owner of the Honky Tonk, said: ‘Wonderful people, very professional, and the crowd loves them!!! Happy to have them on my stage anytime!!!’ This band will get your Huckle Buckin'!

Ken Scholes

Ken Scholes is a Pacific Northwest singer-songwriter who has written nearly a hundred songs over thirty years of performing. He is also the award-winning, critically-acclaimed author of five novels and over fifty short stories. His work has been appearing in print for over twenty years. Occasionally, in his spare time, Ken consults individuals and organizations on maximizing their effectiveness. You can learn more about Ken at www.kenscholes.com.

Circus Luminous

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Twisty The Great

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