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Fair Board

The Fair Board is comprised of seven members that are selected from a variety of interests approved by the Board of Commissioners, including Agriculture, Livestock, Youth/Education, Exhibitors/Vendors to name a few.

Current Fair Board

Ingrid Chamberlain-President, volunteer's, office supervisor
Jamie Carr-Vice President, maintenance/grounds Supervisor
Joshua Sarver-Treasurer, assistant maintenance/grounds supervisor
Samantha Rosenlund-Board Member, Sponsorship's
Rachel Kroon-Secretary, Open Class Livestock
Julie Pelletier-Board Member, Vendor Coordinator
Katie Marsh-Board Member, Open Class Static

Ingrid Chamberlain - email: ingridc@columbiacountyfairgrounds.com, office 503-397-4231, cell 971-235-7154
Jamie Carr - email: jamiec@columbiacountyfairgrounds.com, office 503-397-4231,
cell 503-310-8949

Samantha Rosenlund - email: samanthar@columbiacountyfairgrounds.com, office 503-397-4231, cell 503-313-6098
Rachel Kroon - email: rachelk@columbiacountyfairgrounds.com, office 503-397-4231, cell 503-410-9340
Joshua Sarver- email: joshuas@columbiacountyfairgrounds.com, office 503-397-4231, cell 503-410-8148
Katie Marsh - email: katiem@columbiacountyfairgrounds.com, office 503-397-4231, cell 503-619-5959
Julie Pelletier- email: juliep@columbiacountyfairgrounds.com, office 503-397-4231, cell 503-369-1723


Columbia County Fair Board Meeting April 13th, 2020
Columbia County Fair Board Meeting May 11th, 2020
Columbia County Fair Board Meeting August 10th, 2020

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